Toyo Printing: The 10th International Study Mission to Japan

On Monday 22 October 2018 we visited Toyo Printing as part of the 10th International Study Mission to Japan. Toyo printing is a PDI client and has been implementing 20 Keys for 6 years.

Unfortunately we were only allowed to take a few pictures in the materials store.

Toyo Printing had to adapt quickly to a changing environment due to traditional printing products being changed by the Internet expansion, electronic books and price competition. It was done very successfully by also focusing on customising products for individual customers, adding their own “small” touches, additions, slight variations. They also focus a lot on building/strengthening brand (with heavy emphasis on quality) and then also licensing out the brand to, among others, their competitors. It was interesting to see that companies over the last few years, started brand management functions which report directly to the board of the company.

Excellent example of not only surviving in a rapidly changing industry, but growing through being close to customers and providing them flexibility in terms of product offerings, supported by cost effective operations. You can have the grandest product designs and marketing and selling strategies, but it still needs to be supported by by cost effective operations. 20 Keys focus on continuously improving an organisation’s internal capability for delivering products and services at high levels of quality, cost effectiveness and timeliness.

Author: Johan Benadie: Director at ODIJohan Benadie

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