Sondor NQF3 Production Technology and ODI’s Pieter de Bruyn

The combination of learning outcomes that forms the building blocks of this qualification will provide the qualifying learner with vocational knowledge and skills appropriate to the context of operations excellence. This qualification provides learners with a range of learning and skills required to be able to perform a series of activities to support manufacturing, engineering, and technology processes. Learners will acquire a range of skills in the identification of production parameters in manufacturing, engineering, and technology industries, and basic strategies to achieve them.

Facilitated by ODI’s Pieter de Bruyn, learners also study lean work flow by making use of a Duckling Manufacturing Game. The game helps learners to understand the concept of flow, one-piece-flow and the elimination of bottle necks in a process, in support of any company’s journey of continuous improvement. The game highlights concepts related to work in progress (inventory) control and coupling points between work stations. It demonstrate the quality and productivity benefits of creating flow in any process.

Pieter de Bruyn

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