Skills Programmes with County Fair & ODI MD: Huibie Jones

The ODI Skills Programme that was attended by County Fair learners placed emphasis on Key 2 and Key 3 of the 20 Keys system.

Key 2 focuses on Rationalising the system / Goal Alignment

Goal alignment focuses on having an effective organisation structure, with goal alignment at all levels. Within the structure, the various work groups are organised as “mini-businesses”, or MBs. Each MB is guided by Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety and Morale performance indicators (QCDSM measures).

Key 3 focuses on Small Group Activities

Problem-solving involves forming small groups, who get together to solve problems. These problem-solving groups are called SGAs (small group activities). An SGA consists of a small group who “brainstorms” specific problems relating to Quality, Cost Effectiveness, Delivery, Safety, etc., and who then addresses identified issues by using the SGA methodology, and various tools and techniques. Small Groups also engages everyone with thinking about improvements which might not necessarily require a small group for improvement (suggestions and innovations)

James Berry, CEO of County Fair, attended the Key 2 & 3 workshop presentations & encouraged learners to master the 20 Keys system. James believes that if you apply the 20 Keys System properly you will be successful!

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