Skills Programme, Grain Field Chickens and Maryke Viviers-Bergh

Grain Field Chickens (Pty) Ltd was established in 2010, a subsidiary of VKB Agriculture (Pty) Ltd, a well-known agricultural company that has been in the industry for nearly a century.

It took Grain Field Chickens two years to build a state-of-the-art, technologically advanced abattoir in Reitz in the Eastern Free State.

Their core values revolve around old-fashioned business principles:

  • honesty,
  • communication and
  • respect.

Grain Field Chickens believe everything in business is negotiable except quality. They will continue with its efforts to establish itself as a preferred household brand in South Africa by keeping to basic business principles and improving its product range.

Grain Field Chickens believe in:

  • locally produced products,
  • creating local employment as well as
  • value creation for the South African consumer.

ODI’s Maryke Viviers-Bergh recently facilitatated the Goal Alignment & Effective Problem Solving Skills Programme at their offices in Reitz, Eastern Free State.

Goal alignment focuses on having an effective organisation structure, with goal alignment at all levels. Within the structure, the various work groups are organised as “mini-businesses”, or MBs. Each MB is guided by Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety and Morale performance indicators (QCDSM measures).

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