GWK NQF3 General Management and Valery Hansen

NQF3 General Management: Supervision for energised workteams : National Certificate: Management

This qualification aims at equipping every first-line manager with the essential knowledge and skills necessary to:
• Develop, lead and inspire productive workplace teams.
• Ensure that all team members are developed to their full potential.
The manager of the first-line manager needs to coach his/her first-line managers, and is, as such, involved in the
programme. Asimple-to-use benchmarking system forms the basis for ongoing coaching and development.

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Feedback from the learners:

“I have improved a lot in terms of leadership skills and coaching. Previously I wasn’t aware that motivation can build a strong team to build a successful business. I feel more confident to handle the team, give responsibility and delegate tasks amongst team members.

The facilitator made it easy for us to understand the business and make it grow to greater heights. I wasn’t aware of the areas where I lacked skills. This course was an eye-opener for me to improve the business. I have learned a lot.”

Klaas Ngwira

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