20 Keys Overview Workshop, Wispeco Aluminium & Huibie Jones

Since 1997, Wispeco Aluminium has seen the benefits of implementing the 20 Keys system. As part of their ongoing focus on World Class Manufacturing, employees are regularly energised through attending various learning interventions. The 20 Keys Overview Workshop is an interactive exercise to see how all the principles of 20 Keys are incorporated into the business.

Employees enjoy the discussions of how the different Keys are loosely grouped around the focus areas of:

  • Better,
  • Faster and
  • More Cost-Effective.

Specific Keys tend to influence specific focus areas more than others. However, the Keys all complement and depend on each other. For example, Skill Versatility (Key 15) is essential for progress in Maintaining Machines and Equipment (Key 9). And Key 9 is essential for effective Production Scheduling (Key 16). There are many other examples and this is exactly why the 20 Keys is the vehicle for holistic and sustainable continuous improvement.

During this workshop the interrelationships between the different Keys were discussed using the 20 Keys matrices.

The 20 Keys matrices show the interrelationships between the Keys by answering two questions:

  1. What needs to be done in all the other 19 Keys to improve a specific Key?
  2. What needs to be done in a specific Key to improve the other 19 Keys?

The 20 Keys matrices thus show both the horizontal and vertical relationships between the Keys.

Everyone left the workshop with renewed respect for the important role that 20 Keys play in World Class manufacturing.

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