20 Keys

This is not an ice-cream factory

Saw a good example today of the CAPDo cycle in action.

Recently I did a 20 Keys progress review at Wispeco Profiles Department. It is quite a large workplace with five 5 extrusion press lines.

Richard Muller and his team took the action list and meticulously scrutinised and implemented each action point. Review (Check) today a strong level 3.5, for a safe, efficient working and workflow, well organised and clean workplace. It is really satisfying to walk on the floor and being approached by operators asking what I think of their workplace? A day of happy people (and I am sure happy customers).

I think Richard will agree that the underlying best practice operations principles are the same, regardless of whether it is an ice-cream or aluminium extrusion factory. And today it almost looked like an ice-cream factory…

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