ODI has primary accreditation with the Services Sector Education & Training Authority, (decision number 0228). ODI also has further programme approval to provide qualifications, learnerships and skills programmes through MERSETA and SABPP.


  • To promote access to education and training 
  • To increase skills and workplace experience
  • To establish a workforce that is serious about their professional and personal development


  • Properly structure programmes that leads to a qualification
  • Time is spent on theory and practice
  • Skills are implemented in the workplace 

Benefits to company:

  • Immediate application of learning in the workplace
  • Measurable improvements in the strength of first-line management
  • Measurable results in terms of quality, cost, delivery, safety and morale
  • Competent management at all levels
  • Integrated approach to learning
  • Increased teamwork
  • Learnership grants from SETAs
  • Tax rebates

Benefits to learners:

  • Nationally recognised qualification
  • Increased self-esteem and confidence
  • Training that is relevant to their work
  • Constructive feedback and assessment
  • Transferable, portable qualification
  • Life-long learning
  • Flexible structure

NameIDLPLevelCreditsQMBDownload Course Details
National Diploma: Productivity497945244SABPP National Diploma: Productivity
National Certificate: Productivity497935132SABPP National Certificate: Productivity
FETC: Production Technology587794143Merseta FETC: Production Technology
National Certificate: Production Technology587853130Merseta National Certificate: Production Technology
National Certificate: Production Technology587812137Merseta National Certificate: Production Technology
National Certificate: Generic Management59201602695164Service Seta National Certificate: General Management
National Certificate: Generic Management59201660695163SABPP National Certificate: Skills Development Manager
FETC: Generic Management 57712746304156Service Seta FETC: General Management
FETC: Generic Management57712792864153Merseta FETC: Process Manufacturing
FETC: Generic Management57712939504163SABPP FETC: Human Resource Support
National Certificate: Management 83946236543120Service Seta National Certificate: Management