Key 1 Stationery Drawer

Key 1 Stationery Organiser

Operations improvement is not just about big improvements; there are many small opportunities in the workplace which, over time, and cumulatively, make a big impact on time saved.

In administrative and other production support functions, the improvement of productivity is also about doing the same with less time, or doing more with the same time. Working in an efficiently organised workplace contributes towards being more productive. A good practice is to keep all your “tools of trade” close-by, for easy identification, and quick retrieval, when needed.

The pictures in the brochure show a visual way in which to organise such items, with the added benefit that things cannot get disorganised. It is also easy to see when an item is missing, and when something needs to be replaced. This method of organising is also applicable to drawers in laboratories where instruments are stored, maintenance mobile tool trolleys, and many other storage places/drawers where items are needed at the point of use, and where they are retrieved many times a day.


Key 1 Stationery Drawer


Stationery Items

  1. Staplers – standard box
  2. Pritt – Jumbo size
  3. Staedtler 21cm scissors - chosen for best shape in terms of taking up the least space, and has also proven to be very good scissors
  4. Stapler remover – most effective type; cut-out can also be used for a pen
  5. Highlighters – fit most sizes
  6. Eraser – fits most sizes
  7. Sharpener – fits most sizes
  8. Punch – fits most sizes
  9. Stapler – fits most sizes
  10. Pens/Pencils – cut-out comes with one ODI issued pen, rest fits most sizes
  11. Memory stick – cut-out comes with standard ODI issued memory stick
  12. Ruler – cut-out comes with standard ODI issued ruler
  13. Calculator – plug-in supplied in order to cut correct size for own calculator

Steps to Create your Key 1 Stationery Drawer

Outside dimensions 525 x 455
Inside dimensions 310 x 430
Inside dimensions (can be smaller if the space for Prittand Stapler is cut off) - for smaller drawers 310 x 380

  1. Measure your drawer's inside dimensions.
  2. Cut with a sharp blade or knife.
  3. Insert in drawer, and add stationery.

Product Prices

No. Activity / Item Cost
1 Drawer insert includes ODI Ruler, ODI Pen, ODI Memory stick R650 per insert
2 Drawer insert includes All stationery R1450 per insert

These prices exclude VAT and courier costs (if applicable)