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Johan Benadie and a SGA in Standerton

ODI’s Johan Benadie is doing a small group activity at Goldi Primary Processing Plant in Standerton. The production team is responsible for packing a specific mix and quantity of a product on a production line. The challenge is to consistently pack the right quantity and mix into bags (48 pieces per bag) and cases (6 bags), and with the right quality.

After observations on the line by the team and a root cause analysis, a different method of packing was applied. Feedback from packers and observations during the experiment indicated an increase in efficiency. This will also help with the selection of quality pieces for packing. From an ergonomics point of view some trays need to be installed on the line.

The team presented their ideas to the Production Manager, Lynne Holliday. Any possible negative effects from the change were also discussed (an important part of root cause analysis). During implementation, KPIs for correct packing and quality will be monitored by the team and QC.

Well done to the team, led by Sanah, the Floor Controller!

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Author: Johan Benadie – Director at ODI