20 Keys

Implementation of model workplaces

Implementation of model workplaces is an effective way in which to energise implementation of the 20 Keys system and to bring about quick and visible change. Such a model workplace must satisfy four requirements and these requirements are audited by a team of people which must include an ODI consultant, and if achieved, a certificate of achievement is awarded.

To follow is a list of the various requirements:

Requirement 1: Points on the Key 1 check-sheet

The Key 1 check-sheet is used to determine the score on certification day.

Requirement 2: Model desks, worktables and machines

Model desks, worktables and machines have to comply to certain requirements.

Requirement 3: Single-minute information retrieval or Single-minutes changeovers

The third requirement for model workplaces is about achieving single minute (less than one minute) information retrieval or single-minutes changeovers (less than 10 minutes).

Requirement 4: Model stores

The principles of setting up model workplace stores are based on visual management.

Pictured below: Wispeco Aluminium Cape Town and ODI’s MD: Huibie Jones, doing Model Workplace audits. The single minute information retrieval exercises were world class!

Areas Certified model : 31 October 2018
Areas Responsible Person Date Certified
Bailing Consumable store Model Store Nico Thyssen October’18
Weighbridge Booth Level 3 Certified workplace October’18
Profiles Consumable store Model Store Olwethu Zibaya October’18
Proiles MBA Level 3 Certified workplace October’18
Bailing Consumable store Nico Thyssen
Weighbridge Booth Siseko Nkihlana
Profiles Consumable store Olwethu Zibaya
Proiles MBA Craig Plaatjies, Nikita Nel

Author: Huibie Jones : MD : ODI

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