As part of our integrated approach of strengthening operations capability in people, processes and technology, we also focus on high impact initiatives, done with a small group of in-company people, with the aim to bring about focused, bottom line improvements over a short period of time. 

These services, applicable to a wide range of industries, include the following:

  • Implementing lean workflow principles
  • Improving various aspects of cost effectiveness, like productivity of people and machines, skills versatility, improving yield, saving energy and materials and addressing the root causes of quality problems.
  • Implementing best practice project management, production planning and scheduling approaches and systems
  • Implementing machine/equipment performance management systems (OEE).
  • Value Stream Mapping and process improvement
  • Improving materials handling and flow
  • Production capacity and line balancing
  • Analysing and improving work methods
  • Setting and reviewing time standards
  • Activity sampling for improving value-adding work rates
  • Production line/equipment changeover time reduction
  • Designing and implementing KANBAN systems