20 Keys

Astral Foods and Model Store Status

With the 20 Keys implementation of safe and efficiently organised workplaces, the control and organisation of stores (like materials used in the production process, machine parts and consumables) are very important as it impacts on safety, efficient working, cost saving and ensuring a smooth flow of production.

The materials and engineering stores at Astral Foods, in the Festive Processing Plant (Olifantsfontein) and the Goldi Primary Processing Plant (Standerton) recently took up the challenge to achieve “model store” status and the Model Store Level 4 certification.  Some of the key requirements for the certification are to keep optimum stock levels with a fast turnaround of stock, no deviations on stock taking, control over items through the ERP system, quick retrieval of items, world class organisation and importantly, sustaining the level of efficiency and organisation.

After some dedicated effort and teamwork by the teams, supported by Theuns Potgieter, Procurement Manager, with advice and active involvement, the Goldi Engineering Store (Magda and team, picture 1), Festive Engineering Store (Matthew, Thabane and team, picture 2) and Festive Dry Goods Store (Frans and team, picture 3) achieved the Level 4 status.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

It is not often that a Level 4 certification is achieved – the challenge is now on the table for all stores in Astral Foods to follow suit.

Author Johan Benadie

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