Thank you very much to ODI for the contribution and commitment towards our people.

Executive Human Resources Manager - Airbus DS Optronics (Pty) Ltd

With each module I grew as a leader, not only at work but also at home. I would advise all first line managers to do the Supervision Learnership. The modules are very powerful. We had great support from the ODI Team. Thank you!!

First Line Manager - Sondor Industries (Pty) Ltd

The course was very, very helpful and informative. It broadened my understanding of people management and I wish that more advanced levels can be implemented which can lead to a diploma/degree. The junior facilitators were very helpful. Our senior facilitator was exceptional, very professional approach and an epitome of leadership.

Isaac Dioka

I found the programme very helpful in my day to day tasks. I also learnt that if you don’t plan ahead one can so easy fall behind and need to catchup, which leads to quality problems.

Brian Diergaardt

Overall the course was very relevant and it allowed me to apply what I have learnt in the workplace. Not only during the course but also afterwards as an ongoing process to help me make improvements that can help the department run smoothly.

Audrey Ontong

This qualification was an eye opener for me. Before I argued with my team members, now I listen to their ideas and we have good discussions. I am a different person now, we share ideas., communicate effectively. We are also able now to solve problems, work related and personal.

Frank Moleka

An outstanding course, I learnt so many skills. I also learnt how to respect the ideas and values of my team members. Thank you so much.

Wade King

This course gives a good foundation for learners. No need to change anything. This course is a must for all supervisors. It has helped me in the work environment to lead my team more efficiently.

Richard Sassin

The ODI course is a great learnership with a lot of information to absorb and implement in the work place. I find myself naturally using the skills and techniques learned which has made me much more confident and driven to succeed.

Paarl Media Cape

OMFAS (Old Mutual Fund Administration Services), a business unit within Old Mutual, became the first business unit in the Financial Services Industry in South Africa to win an international award for significantly improving its business performance. This achievement was not possible without the significant contributions from the ODI team throughout the process. ODI mastered the art of knowledge transfer to my management team and exposed us to excellent tools and techniques to achieve our set objectives. Over the past 10 years many other business units within Old Mutual embarked on similar journeys with the help and support from ODI.

Managing Director, Old Mutual (OMFAS)

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