When I started my first ODI learnership NQF level 3 class, I thought this is going to be just another  training session, but to my surprise it was a learnership that dealt with my daily tasks and challenges. I enjoyed my classes and the  facilitators. I have also thus far completed my NQF level 4 as well, and I’m planning to go as far as possible to further my education. “ Sondor Performance Foams

It helped me grow as a person, and also within the organisation. I started off as an operator, and as a sales rep I can take the knowledge which I have learnt from ODI, and apply it in the different departments which I am working in. The learnerships laid a foundation for myself in understanding how the company functions, and as a whole, it gave me the knowledge to understand how a company should be established. I got an insight on how everything filters down from top management to the production line. As Wouter once said “The best gift you can give your child is education.” Sondor Performance Foams

“I previously studied using the long distance/online method with no contact session. I found it difficult and sometimes frustrating. The ODI online option of using contact sessions with group interaction together with online learning and online assessments is a much better way of learning. You benefit and learn a lot from the knowledge and experience of the facilitator and through group interaction. You also get the convenience of being able to access your study material and doing your online assessments anywhere with internet access.” Lister Strauch – Diamond Valuator

“I am honestly enjoying the Blended e-Learning and would recommend it to anyone who wants to get the best out of learning. As a previous online student, I realised that it is not always easy doing online learning without the assistance of a tutor etc. Your understanding of the work and what is expected from the tutor is sometimes totally different. The approach we follow with ODI (online learning combined with physically attending some classes) just makes everything ‘simpler, better and faster’.  You are exposed to different views on things and you have a better understanding of what is expected of you. You are guaranteed to get better results. It makes learning more exciting and bearable.” Debbie Barnes-Kock Security Practitioner – Operations

“I enjoyed the online way of completing this training as it is within my comfort zone. I deal with technology and software on a daily basis.” Johan du Plessis (Pr Tech Eng)

After successful completion of NQF 6 I would like to share the success with you.
Attached find the final results which can only have been achieved by the foundation ODI have instilled.

Please pass my gratitude to your team as I will always remember the skills gained during the NQF 5 programme.

Thankful greetings

Vernon de Reuck, Distribution Manager - County Fair, A division of Astral Operations Ltd

Thank you very much to ODI for the contribution and commitment towards our people.

Executive Human Resources Manager - Airbus DS Optronics (Pty) Ltd

With each module I grew as a leader, not only at work but also at home. I would advise all first line managers to do the Supervision Learnership. The modules are very powerful. We had great support from the ODI Team. Thank you!!

First Line Manager - Sondor Industries (Pty) Ltd

The course was very, very helpful and informative. It broadened my understanding of people management and I wish that more advanced levels can be implemented which can lead to a diploma/degree. The junior facilitators were very helpful. Our senior facilitator was exceptional, very professional approach and an epitome of leadership.

Isaac Dioka

I found the programme very helpful in my day to day tasks. I also learnt that if you don’t plan ahead one can so easy fall behind and need to catchup, which leads to quality problems.

Brian Diergaardt

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