Who We Are

Organisation Development International (ODI) is a globally represented company, focusing on operational excellence. ODI's head office is in Pretoria, South Africa, with regional offices in Cape Town, Durban, and Port Elizabeth. ODI has been in business since 1989. For most of that time, they have been in partnership with a Japanese company, the PPORF Development Institute (PDI). PDI is the original developer of the 20 Keys programme for operational excellence. A strong international network has been built (with consultants directly or indirectly in 26 countries). The network and its clients share experiences and successes through an annual international conference and study tour.

ODI's approach towards operational excellence is based on the transfer of learning to client companies, and the strengthening of internal capability (for operational excellence). This is done through a train-the-trainer approach, supported by coaching, implementation assistance, and consulting advice. In support of this, ODI offers various learning programmes and interventions.

Over the years, substantial practical expertise has been built up, in a wide range of industries; manufacturing, production, mining, food and project management, as well as various service environments. Many organisations attempt to improve by striving to learn the "secrets of word class organisations", and by implementing various projects, initiatives and programmes.  Yet, despite this, few organisations have achieved sustainable success.    

We believe that one of the main reasons for this is that it is often not appreciated that successful companies follow a comprehensive, holistic approach towards operational excellence. They address various aspects of business improvement in an integrated way, communicated within one consistent framework. Such companies also involve people at all levels, and they successfully establish an internal capability and culture for operational excellence.  Furthermore, it is important to understand that it is not just about training and implementing tools and techniques, but more about establishing some fundamental principles for operational excellence, having management (long-term) commitment, understanding that change management needs to be done continuously, and creating an effective in-house support infrastructure.

Operational excellence is a never-ending journey, with thinking people continuously challenging the way in which things are done.